Hello All, As many of you know SRP is growing faster and bigger each year with more needs for our racing community and its hard to do for Just one guy to keep up with both scales and all of your product needs in all of the classes and parts required by our racers! 


SRP  (aka Scotts Racing Products) was started about 8 years ago and at that time was just called Scotts bodys  and has kept growing every year and has been in the for front of the 1/32 dirt seen for over the last 5 or so years and dabbled in some 1/24 as well.  Jeff Davis of Davis Dirt Cars came on board about 4 years ago with some of the baddest 1/24 dirt late model bodies and chassis on the market! I have been in contact with many other vendors with their products as well in a effort to make it a one stop shop for the racers to just go to one spot to get the best of the best dirt slot car products all under one roof is my goal! The brand was built as SRP Not so much Scotts Racing Products as the original company name was to be Scale Racer Products. It was just me starting out and not sure how it would go over so went with Scotts Racing Products that way it had my name behind it and if it failed it was on my name not a companies name! 


I have been working for the last 2 years to take the company to the next level with limited success but keep digging each day to make it better and bigger with products that fill your wants and needs as a racer with the greatest value points in the market place today! 


I have contacted a number of top end hobbies as well as smaller companies to help out with your wants and needs!  I have only heard back from a couple of the smaller companies  that are more then happy to help out until they find out that its a online only store. a couple of the hobbies are all about it and think its a great idea and will help get the word out on their products!


so when you come to the SRP  page and don't see Scotts Racing Products don't freak out I'm still doing what I love and will continue to provide you with some of the best products I can on the Scale Racer Page/ SRP page!! 

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