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David E Harris

So much cool stuff.

Paul Sherk

love your goodies !!

Joe Chunn

Fantastic products, Outstanding customer service.


Outstanding products and customer service. The crew at SRP go above and beyond for each order I place. Fast service and fast shipping!!!

Keith Burton

What I have been looking for. Love dirt cars and slot cars.

Joe Chunn

Adding dirt late models and modifies to our home/club track. Buying all bodies from Scott. Great product and awesome customer services.

wesley lynn

I been looking for these late model bodies. Dream come true.


nice stuff

Gary shaw

Nice site

Jeff Swartwood

Hope to purchase from soon

Bob Jeffreson

All my dealings with Scott's have been superb and I live on the other side of the world in Sydney Australia. Thanks guys.


Scott, can You recomend what exsisting 1/32 slot car will fit under the 56 ford and 55 chevy resin.

Mike Cox

Love the site and the items you have to offer! Can't wait to get my order in and start building!

Michael blanco

Your site has a lot of variety to choose from. Thankyou for offering such well mde products.

Mark Moughan

Hi Scott
Neat site we got the red bull short track up n running
Opening it up to public after first of the year ready to order some body's from ya

randy hansen

when will your 1/24 outlaw latemodel body be back in stock? thanks randy

Shane Davis

Great site. I race 1/32 Imca Modifieds and sprint cars at Mike Strohles Arlington Raceway in Davenport, Iowa and Rt6 Speedway in Coal Valley, Il. This is a great fun way to enjoy cheap racing and hanging with the guys on a Sunday afternoon. Most of us are former local Imca modified and Imca Late Model racers, I was the 1987 IMCA Modified National Champion, and former track promoter. Hope to see you at the track some weekend. I love this site! Shane

Terry Hill

Good products, and a good guy to help u out!

Troy Morris

seems like a very good place.
Glad i got recommended to here

Bobby Jones

78 Camaro is it 8:inch long

David Key

Awesome work

Super Joe

Wingers of Southern California

Brian Halliwell

I am between tracks right now, I've had to make an unplanned move a few yrs ago. This leaves me with a lot less space than I had in my last basement. I've always shyed away from oval type tracks in the past, but always had DIRT MODIFIEDs as Our staple class. I live in Canada, in Southern Ontario. We are just across the Niagara River Between Buffalo and Niagara Falls, but on the Canadian side. Our area and throughout western,central and the southeastern area of N.Y. N.J. and P.A. Run these type of Mods. I too use the Womp chassis as our weapon of choice. I disect them,lengthen when needed to true up wheelbase to .32 scale, then add drop, radius arm suspension to the front, and cut around the motor to hinge the whole drive train with up and down stops. Love what you have and would like to look into and order. I just may rethink the whole lay-out plan for my newest build.


just wanna say thanks to scott for helping me with every question i have always willing to take the time to answer any question i have no matter how dumb it sounds , THANKS

Zach Davis

I appreciate the heads up. A simple email like this keeping a customer informed goes a long ways. A lot of people don't follow up like this. You have a very cool product in a small niche hobby. Thanks for the great service. I also passed you information on to my local track.

rick walker

looking forward to getting my order.when sombody has a phone number and i can ask them questions about their product means world of difference to me.great looking bodies rick

greg hancock

Great website, helpful tutorials. Would like to see some videos of your racing action, since I want to set up a club track at home. More sales for you!

Tim Geer

these are the very finest bodies that I have EVER seen!--in the hobby since 1966. Started with a 1965 Galaxie 500--my late father used to build the chassis on his Russkit Adj-O-Jig--great job! Tim

Joe Winans

Your site is awesome . I'm just getting started with the dirt cars so looook out here I come!!

Nicole brooks

Just ordered parts for the first time, can't wait to get started.

Bill Dutton

Cool site and products with parma's recent issues I can only bet more folks will be coming your way for dirt products.

Michael Murphy

These are by far some of the sweetest looking cars I've seen

Danny Bailey

Hello Scott Ty sent me to say hello I am checking out your site

Larry G. Crumlic

Nice looking parts prices look good too.


Thanks for the add to the site. I CAN NOT WAIT to get orders flowing for the racers and modelers alike. Thanks again SRP!


Great Stuff hope to order soon

Carey Schneider

Love what you are doing with this maybe you will have a race close enough I can go to. Thanks


hi scott got my stuff fantastic great job will send ya pitchers

jack swan

great service !!! 55 chevys are going to be fun on my home track , thanks Scott




Love the site hope you can fix me up with some cars!



bret park

great work thanks

bob parson

Checkin out the 1/24 scale bodies.

forest hoover

owner of at the track raceway in south bend,in. I will be ordering some of your products in the future for the raceway.

tim loos

I race at bent wrench raceway

brian cline

Awesome site. Glad I found it

ty powers

race slot cars and r/c cars. moving back to ohio in 2015 and gonna run 4.5" dirt LMs at the local track . great looking bodies. will be ordering from SRp soon. chassis and bodies

jack swan

great site and bodies , be ordering soon !!!! thanks

Guy Griffin

Very much needed site for slot car racing.


Great site will be ordering soon!)

Jason Dunbar

Very awesome work. Looks like the real thing.

Lynn Combs

Interested in your DDC bare chassis to run at the Outback Motor Speedway, Winchester, VA.

Rick Hill

Some of the Bent Wrench Racers came over to the Super Stock 1000 in South Bend, IN last week ~ their Scott's Products rocked! I've got to plan my car and place my order. Sweet & impressive slot car products!

Randi Strunk

thanks for a really cool site

Rosies slotcars

Thank You for visiting us , hope you had fun.

terry enos

great site

Keith Hawkins

A lot of nice bodies and lm chassis.

Ray Shia

I found your site via facebook, very cool stuff. I race reality modifieds series in Mass and RI. Check out RealityRaceway.Net. I'll be back because I can see a lot of stuff that I like here.

Bill Fernald

I found your site today (3/12/2014) by accident. You have some nice bodies & other parts. I've "hot-listed" your URL. I will be back!

Bruce Woods

Aussie across the pond in Perth Western Australia. Stumbled across your site and found those wonderful resin midgets. Bought 3 of the 50s style and built them up using EJs chassis and gear. Awesome models they now circulate my routed oval

Dan Rathe

Want vintage modified body

John moughan

Central illinois racer and slot racer. Checkin in!

bob sarver

how do i sign in ?


want dirt modified bodies and sprint bodies


Revived my order the other day all I can say is wow awesome products and blazing fast shipping

Mark kemp

I placed an order with you being shipped to Dunedin fla can't wait to get it you have way cool stuff


Love the new bodies

Tom Callahan

Interiors are sweet. Working on getting the body to you for fitting of frt clip.

Dan Geren

great site! bodies look excellent!

jerry w

Nice body selection . Do 1 32s fit womps? Which ones womps? Thanks . Camaro bodies especially sweet

ed vozzella

Great web site

Rick Payne

Good steady car bodies.


Scott, we need to talk about maybe stocking up for this upcoming season! Motors, Bodies, etc! Regards, Dave

Kevin Metallo

You can also see youtube video under (Hammer'n Hanks raceway). Thanks, it's fun interacting with other dirt oval slot car fanatics

Kevin Metallo

Hoping to run more of Scott's products at our oval track. We are big into 1/24th latemodels and modifieds. My facebook page is (Hank's slot cars)...thanks Scott for working hard to maintain the dirt oval slot car theme

Dave Anderson

Thanks for all your help Scott at SRP, you are a tremendous asset to the sport! Keep on slotting!

Steve Turner

Hi Guys
Just wondering how much the sidewinder chassis would cost to have built and posted to Australia ???????
Kind Regards

Tim holman

Great site cant eait to plae first order

Mac McAlexander

100% satisfied, both with product and service,1st rate operation….Mac

Terry Johnson Woody920

Just checkin in and see what else has been added

Steve Magro

Hello Scott, I've just started up a "Speedway Slot Car" Facebook page with has already 50 members. Sprintcars, Midgets or Sedans, we'd like to welcome Scott's Racing Products by running a free advertisement. You can get me via Facebook or my private email. best reagards, Steve Magro


great site,great dirt products!


Nice site.... and just what I was looking for as I am busy with an oval track....... and the 1/24 Midgets and Dirt Mods which are not available in South Africa.... just what I WANT!!!

Jim Inman

nice looking cars

mike horton

I like all the cars

P.J. Baltz



Are the 32nd scale wedge bodies resin?

Peter Richards

Australian who came across your web site and liked what I have seen reminds me of early 60's at Sydney Showground watching Bob Tattersall and other Americans go up against Aussie stars in some fantastic racing. May enquire about some midget cars if I am unable to find supplies in Sydney.

Cliff Mathewson

The 1/32 dirt track bodies are great looking! Ditto, for the 1/24 Midgets!!

Steve Magro

A very interesting corner to come to. Until last week I didn't know such a place existed!
It's a blessing, thank you SRP

Dave Anderson

Love your stuff, love your website!


Great site. Will be interested in the midgets!!

Les Blosser

Great to see so many different products . Bodies look GREAT !!!

Eddie Bankes

Your site was recomended to me by Kelly Bryner. Very cool stuff you have got here. Hoping to do some business with you.


nice bodies and great service..keep the good stuff coming !!!

Peter rodger

Just getting back into slots and will be spending a lot of time on this site. Thanks

Mike Blazer

Nice Stuff Scott !!!
I'll be placing an order soon !

Jason Descheemaker

great looking bodies

Chad Hovis

Thanks for making such great products!!! Any news on any decals?

Tyler Cheney

Loving the dirt cars

felix glorioso

Great web site, scott do you have pictures of the eagle, coyote, and the valance roadster ?


Love the new website!! Looks amazing! Great Job! ;)

Kelly Bryner

Hey Scott. Keep up the good work. My brother and I are always looking for some cool sprint car stuff and you are the man.

Joel Lang

Just found the site. Need to order some stuff. Good luck Scott

Tom Bryner

Great site, cant wait to order some stuff.

greg bridgewater

Awesome parts and a nice site Scott!!

jim diekfuss

nice site look grate

max jordan

oooh nice gear

Rick Payne

Great site and good luck with it.

Reid Kahrs

Yeah Buddy! Great Website! Keep up the good work!

michael brooks

Love ya work

michael brooks

Love ya work