Its hard to believe what has happen for the average person over the last few years that has a Idea on how to make some thing or design some thing to make it more useful or easy to use. Any one, every you to can have some thing 3D printed. Its truly mind blowing what can be done! Objects can be designed inside of other objects that could never be machined before you can print working moving part together at one time (like a chain going around a gear)out of some thing like 30 different kinds of materials. The cools apart is that you can rescale any part or the object or the whole thing in just minutes and reprint it that's never be done before! SRP will be designing parts and getting them printed and out to you this year! I love the part that it is so easy to rescale and print two cars at the same time one in 1/24 and a mirrored one right beside it a 1/32 scale! AWESOME just AWESOME!!

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